“Once upon a time … a straw hat”
It is a true fairy tale that has been renewed every day for many years. Yellowed photographs, humble objects, straw, braids, tools, ancient machines, are witnesses, now silent, of the work of our fathers and grandparents, showing us with simplicity, that human commitment has never been lacking in our countryside. Braids, crate, fans, staves still bear the shapes of the calloused hands of those who earned their living using the last straw, until the last light of day, with the effort that binds you to nature, without ceasing to dream and to invent something new to improve.
Currently Montappone, Massa Fermana, Monte Vidon Corrado and Falerone constitute the most important hat production district of Italy and Europe, a source of pride for the Marche, where what nature offers is used without waste, as culture has taught peasant of this territory to those who have grown in dedication to work. The companies of the district have been able to diversify the production using over the straw, other natural materials (wool, felt, hemp, panama, silis, fabric …) giving continuity to the tradition in creativity and innovation.
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